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I am contacting you with reason that we are going to
be of a great use to each other.

My name is Prince George Sanoussi, I am the first son
of Late Zainoul Abidine Sanoussi. Untill his death, my
father was the former foreign Affairs Minister of my
country (Guinea-Conakry).

Before I go into further details please be informed
that I am writing without any other person`s
pre-knowledge of my contacting you, Therefore I will
appreciate same attitude to be maintained all through.

Days before the death of my father he revealed to me
about a deposit of a trunk box which he deposted with
my name in a private security company in Accra, Ghana
for security reasons, although he registered the
contents as precious stones but the real content of
these trunk box is fhe sum of Eighteen Million
United States of American Dollars which was his share
from a secret sale of Diamond when he was in the
office, he could not deposit this funds in a financial
institution for fears of the funds being confiscated.

After the burial of my father, I made frantic effort
on the best way to handle this money. I sought advice
from an attorney who advised that I must seek for a
trustworthy foreign business partner.

However, I sincerely ask for your assistance to get
this Funds out of this country, and your share for
assisting us will be fifteen percent of the total sum,
five percent will be use for upsetting all the expenses
incurred in the course of concluding this venture and the
remaining eighty percent that will be for me and my family.

The consignment will be released within seven days
of my being in receipt of your reply via my
email address .
In case you have any question do not hesitate to
contact me as I wait for your swift and favourable
response to my email

Best Regards

George Sanoussi

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