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normal-erase-is-backspace-mode: ESC+backspace

Nuno J. Silva-3

When using a terminal where normal-erase-is-backspace-mode is enabled,
and where the key labeled with the long left arrow ("backspace") is
deleting the char to the left, and the key labeled "Delete" is deleting
the char under the cursor -- that is, where both keys are working as I
want -- I am not able to use ESC "backspace". F1 b shows that M-DEL is
indeed bound correctly:

    M-DEL backward-kill-word

But ESC backspace will result in the message:

    ESC <deletechar> is undefined

With F1 k ESC backspace further showing

    ESC <deletechar> (translated from M-DEL) is undefined

Looks like something probably needs to be configured in a different
way. Other M- combinations will work flawlessly with Escape (e.g. ESC b
for M-b, ESC f for M-f). (There is no Alt or Meta key available, so I
must use Escape.)

What would be a good way to address this, short of manually defining
keybindings such as ESC <deletechar>?

Nuno Silva