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compilation-error-regexp-alist-alist modifications

Markus Gritsch

I like to report two problems with the default value of
compilation-error-regexp-alist-alist in compile.el:

* On some errors the compiler from Microsoft VisualStudio prints "fatal
error" instead of just "error".  The entry for msft is too restrictive
and should read

      "^\\(\\(?:[a-zA-Z]:\\)?[^:(\t\n]+\\)(\\([0-9]+\\)) \
: \\(?:\\(fatal \\)?error\\|warnin\\(g\\)\\) C[0-9]+:" 1 2 nil (3))

instead of

      "^\\(\\(?:[a-zA-Z]:\\)?[^:(\t\n]+\\)(\\([0-9]+\\)) \
: \\(?:error\\|warnin\\(g\\)\\) C[0-9]+:" 1 2 nil (3))

Something similar like the following line should be added to

e:\devel\ico\SearchComponent.hpp(4) : fatal error C1083: Cannot open
include file: 'search/Component.hpp': No such file or directory

* I am using Emacs to edit Python source files on Windows, and the files
have sometimes spaces in their names.  I am not sure how to modify the
caml entry, which is also responsible for matching the Python
tracebacks.  However, it should be modified so that the following
example line matches:

   File "Test", line 11, in ?

Kind regards,

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