c-macro-expand with C++?

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c-macro-expand with C++?

I've been trying to use c-macro-expand (for the first time in any language)
with C++ code.  It doesn't seem to know how to find the standard headers.
I'm a bit confused by that since I am under the impression that GCC looks
in its own installation directories automatically.  

Here's an example of what the output looks like:

In file included from /home/hattons/opt/org/osg/include/osg/StateSet:18,
                 from /home/hattons/opt/org/osg/include/osg/Node:19,
                 from <stdin>:17:
/home/hattons/opt/org/osg/include/osg/StateAttribute:21:20: typeinfo: No
such file or directory
/home/hattons/opt/org/osg/include/osg/StateAttribute:22:19: utility: No such
file or directory
/home/hattons/opt/org/osg/include/osg/StateAttribute:23:18: vector: No such
file or directory
In file included from /home/hattons/opt/org/osg/include/osg/Uniform:25,
                 from /home/hattons/opt/org/osg/include/osg/StateSet:21,
                 from /home/hattons/opt/org/osg/include/osg/Node:19,
                 from <stdin>:17:
/home/hattons/opt/org/osg/include/osg/GL2Extensions:24:18: string: No such
file or directory
In file included from /home/hattons/opt/org/osg/include/osg/StateSet:21,
                 from /home/hattons/opt/org/osg/include/osg/Node:19,
                 from <stdin>:17:

I tried giving it /usr/include and /usr/include/g++ (which is where I found
what look to be the standard headers.)

ls /usr/include/g++/
algorithm  cctype   clocale  cstdarg  ctime     exception          
i586-suse-linux  istream   map      queue      streambuf  vector
backward   cerrno   cmath    cstddef  cwchar    exception_defines.h  iomanip        
iterator  memory   set        string
bits       cfloat   complex  cstdio   cwctype   ext                  ios            
limits    new      sstream    typeinfo
bitset     ciso646  csetjmp  cstdlib  cxxabi.h  fstream              iosfwd          
list      numeric  stack      utility
cassert    climits  csignal  cstring  deque     functional          
iostream         locale    ostream  stdexcept  valarray

Can this be made to work?
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