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Tramp 2.4.4

Michael Albinus

The Tramp team is happy to announce the release of Tramp 2.4.4.  This is
the stable version.

Tramp is a remote file editing package for Emacs.  Tramp uses different
methods like ssh or scp to access files on remote hosts as if they were
local files.  Access to the remote file system for editing files,
version control, directory editing and running processes on the remote
host are transparently enabled.

Tramp 2.4.4 supports Emacs since version 24.4.  It will be merged into
the Emacs 27 repository *after* the Emacs 27.1 release.

The download files are located at  Tramp's
homepage is

Tramp 2.4.4 is also available via GNU ELPA.

Best regards, Michael.