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Re: macOS child frame lower behavior

Aaron Jensen
On Thu, May 28, 2020 at 12:04 AM martin rudalics <[hidden email]> wrote:
>    Moves the window to the back of its level in the screen list, without
>    changing either the key window or the main window.
> it should but that depends on what "level on the screen list" precisely
> means.

It apparently means the entire screen list on the desktop. If you
lower a child frame, the only way to actually lower it (because it's
attached to the stacking context of the parent) is to lower the
parent, or so macOS thinks.

> If it doesn't do the same, we likely have a bug but I cannot check that
> here.  Maybe you can try to find out what ns_lower_frame does on your
> system.

It appears to do what Emacs is doing, which is the incorrect
behavior--it hides the parent window. Here's a minimal repro without

>  And maybe you can tell us whether 'ns-frame-restack' behaves as
> documented too.

AFAICT, at least in Emacs, it does not do what is described. I created
two child frames and attempted to restack them so that the second
created one was above the first. This seemed to have no effect.