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Re: lexical-binding is turned on in more use cases

Richard Stallman
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  > > Usually we qualify this as "change" and not as "breakage".

  > You might, personally.  The rest of us call it breakage when something
  > which used to work no longer works.

This discussion is becoming unkind.  Please, everyone, make an effort
to respect the views that you are disagreeing with.

  > And you still, for the fourth time of asking, haven't answered the
  > question of why you failed to discuss this change on emacs-devel.  Were
  > you trying to prevent people like me expressing a view about it?

Please don't post conjectures that ascribe unworthy motives to the
other participants.  We have all made bad decisions with the best of

Please reread
and think about it a bit.

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