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Re: NTEmacs problems with make-frame

Neil Jerram
Eli Zaretskii wrote:
> For quite some time now I sometimes see an annoying problem in the
> native MS-Windows (a.k.a. NTEmacs) port of the CVS Emacs: commands
> that create a new frame somehow fail to display the frame.  [...]

Yes, this happens for me too on Windows 2000.  With Ediff, for example,
sometimes this happens with the Ediff control frame.

> Does anyone else see this on MS-Windows?  The only thing that is
> both peculiar and common to the two machines where I have this problem
> is that both of them have Active Window Tracking (a.k.a. focus follows
> mouse) feature of the window manager set to ON.

I don't have this.  I have out-of-the-box W2K behaviour, which is click
to focus.


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