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Re: Info viewer: Links to function documentations?

Stefan Monnier
>> Info would indeed benefit from better use of hyperlinks (and images).
>> This will require using a different format, tho, since the Info format
>> is barely more than plain text.
> As for hyperlinks to Emacs documentation: if the intent is to link to
> the doc strings, then this is just a question of someone coming up
> with the code to do that.

I was thinking more of the "redundant" hyperlinks you can see e.g. in
Wikipedia, where lots of words are hyperlinked "just in case".

Texinfo doesn't encourage this practice because it was designed for
paper and (mostly) plain text, where references can be annoying in the
text, unlike the relatively inconspicuous "blue with underline" used for
web hyperlinks.  And AFAIK the Info format also doesn't support such
lightweight hyperlinks really (IIRC info-mode may try to make some links
lighter weight by eliding some surrounding text (which plays the role of
markup), but it's a bit brittle and negatively affects the paragraph
filling of the surrounding text).