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Michael Heerdegen
Drew Adams <[hidden email]> writes:

> Attached is something I threw together, by removing some
> of the Bookmark+ features for EWW and adapting the code
> to what vanilla bookmark.el offers.  Completely untested;
> as is.  Perhaps you can make some use of it.

Thanks, Drew.  Seems your approach is similar but more feature rich.

Most features are too much (I guess) for vanilla Emacs in the sense that
Emacs bookmarks don't support them in other implementations.  The most
basic and interesting feature in my eyes is the code that controls
whether the bookmarks opens in a new session (and how the buffer is
named).  Unfortunately it seems eww still hasn't factored the "open in a
new session" code out of the command that follows links, so one can only
use a hack to control the behavior.

Marcin, how do you think about the features of Drew's code?  Is there
one you definitely want to have in any case?