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Gmane up again

Emanuel Berg-5
Great news, everyone!

Gmane is up again, including the auth mail
which one needs after changing e-mail or
posting to a previously unposted-to newsgroup
(or after coming back to computer life after
a half-year vacation down the Amazon.)

So now there is no real reason to use old (which breaks threads when one
replies to posts), because now, again, one can
use NNTP with Gmane and have the same old
Usenet experience, only without causing trouble
to the mailing list, the web archives, and
perhaps other places/people as well.

Gmane is actually in some ways better than old
Usenet, so not only is there no real reason to
stick with, there are several
reasons to use Gmane instead. So now you just
have to do it!

Check out gmane.discuss for more on this.

Thanks as always for great engineering and
a great piece of paleo-software for the real

underground experts united

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Re: Gmane up again

Amin Bandali-4
Kudos and many thanks to Lars for fixing the autoauthorizer, and for
keeping gmane up and running all these years!