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Emms 5.4 released

Yoni Rabkin-2

Here is the email I just sent to the gnu info mailing list:

The Emms developers are pleased to announce the release of Emms 5.4.

Emms, the Emacs Multimedia System, is a robust media viewer, player, and
organizer for GNU/Emacs.

This release includes a new website, a new emms-streams.el
implementation, bug fixes, and more.

The release tarball is available here:

The signature is available here:

The project Website is:

The included Texinfo manual is kept up-to-date, and the online version
can be found here: https://www.gnu.org/software/emms/manual/

For more information about the project's development, please see:

5.4 highlights
  - Updated Website launched.
  - New and simplified emms-streams.el implementation.
  - New streaming radio stations.
  - Use track-at-point as a hint for guessing emms-add directory.
  - Bug fix: prevent skipping track when switching them during mpv playback.
  - Mixerctl now availabe in custom interface.

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