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ELPA: CONTRIBUTING.org and targets/

Tim Landscheidt

AFAICT, CONTRIBUTING.org and targets/ do not pertain to ELPA
itself, but to ivy and should be somewhere under

If you want to guard (to some degree) against accidentally
modifying other packages, you can add this fragment:

| if git diff --cached --name-only -z $against | grep -qvz '^packages/ivy/'; then
|     echo "Trying to modify files outside of packages/ivy/";
|     exit 1
| fi

to your .git/hooks/pre-commit (I assume this won't necessar-
ily work for merge commits).


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Re: ELPA: CONTRIBUTING.org and targets/

Oleh Krehel-2
Hi Tim,

I guess I botched "git subtree merge" on the last release. I'll fix it
this evening.
No need for fancy pre-commit hooks. But it would be nice to have a script in
the ELPA repo for merging a package from a Git upstream.